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Some HTML editor features:

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  • Online HTML Editor uses advanced W3C DTD controls to ensure that HTML is properly generated. Users will not enter broken code so your pages will easily validate. Apply basic styles like bold and italic with ease, as well as more complex styling and semantic rules defined by the website developer.
  • Rich styles, under control. Plain text may be boring. It’s sometimes nice to distinguish or highlight text with color or give tables more personality. With the color selector this job is a few clicks away. Most content is written in Microsoft Word and web browsers use HTML. Editor's powerful and unique Paste from Word feature makes it easy to convert text to HTML.
  • Other than creating usual web links with ease, Editor makes it possible to build advanced links that can open popups, links to anchors, e-mails or any kind of web resource. Creating e-mail links with HTML Editor is as simple as inserting the desired e-mail address. Even the message subject and text can be set, so e-mails will be pre-compiled.
  • Users with a bit of technical skills are able to precisely control the structure of their texts with powerful Element Selector. It shows the hierarchy of HTML tags around the current cursor position, making it easy to manage them.
  • Finding words in the text is simple and effective with Editor. Even words with multiple styles (bold and italic) are properly caught. Replacing words is just as easy, including massive replacement operations. And more more features ...