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Online Office Documents Viewer: Is it the right solution? Ever since computers became widely available and affordable, word processing programs like Microsoft Word replaced typewriters and as software applications evolve along with computer hardware improvements, users need ways to view documents, particularly large ones and electronic signatures.But, these features are missing from traditional viewers, forcing users to create their own solutions using third-party products that cost hundreds of dollars if purchased separately. This tool allow view office document in real time online. As you can see in above screenshot you'll be able to view all your office documents on your smartphone by just entering the URL of the document in box. If you go to work using your phone, you won't even have to use your laptop or desktop computer at all. This is amazing! This tool is so easy to use and save you time. Document viewer, writer, spreadsheet, word processor, powerpoint, and other office applications. The word and other office document viewer has the following features: it uses the latest technology, it is easy to use, it is secure to read, and it is economical. Now you can browse the office files without using the Microsoft word or other office document viewer. you can also open any office file from any computer even from the home computer, laptop. View the office documents, send the office documents to others, print.

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Universal file viewer for viewing many MS Office file formats, as well as PDF, TXT from uploaded files or from URL. Click the button at the top left to access the file upload page. There you will find full instructions on how to use the tool.