Convert Word to HTML , clear formatting, edit code




Convert Word to HTML , clear formatting, edit code

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Word to HTML converter - editor tools with  a wide selection of features, user-friendly desktop, the ability to work with table, images, integrated drag-and-drop features. Converting from Word or other office software there is a possibility to remove the text formatting. HTML Converter installed on a powerful text editor that allows you to collect and edit the text in the same box and simply convert it to HTML, the pop-up editor to edit the code. Tools works for any document conversion, like Microsoft Word and similar office software. Also use this tool for composing web content from scratch. 



 Upload your pictures using drag & drop feature


HTML editor integrated with drag -and-drop feature. Firefox browser is the possibility to drag the image from the desktop to the editor box and convert it to HTML . With other browsers , an example of how to use the drag-and- drag feature you can see in this video.(Click here)



Use the converter to manage your website


Copy text from any source, such as Word, paste it into the converter box, convert to HTML and copy the code into a .txt file, change the file extension to .html and you can place the file directly to your web site. This is one way how to use this tool. It also supports HTML editing. Not covered all the possibilities so that they can discover for yourself. This is a very simple.


word to html converter

Convert Word Excel, PowerPoint, and many other files formats to PDF


 Click the Documents button  to upload the file you want, and click Print, select the location to save your computer. Support for many MS Office, HTML, TXT, and other file formats.